Use credit repair to get things right


Don't be a victim of flaws in the credit reporting system. Let credit repair help you get the credit score you deserve.

Whether your credit has a few dings or enough bad marks to severely damage your credit score, you may be able to improve your credit score by disputing the inaccurate or incomplete items on your credit reports. Using Maddock Credit Group's credit repair service makes this process easy.

What is Credit Repair?

The credit reporting system is flawed. Credit repair is your way to make sure the accusations in your credit reports do not keep you from your credit goals.

Repairing your credit on your own can prove to be a difficult and tedious process. Let our team of experts take the guess work out of repairing your credit.

Unless you work to repair your credit reports, every negative thing they contain will continue to affect your credit score. In that case, you are being punished based upon the list of unproven allegations on your credit reports. Credit repair is how you can arrange for the credit bureaus to investigate any accusation in your credit reports.

Low credit scores can result in high interest rates or complete denial of credit. When these low scores are caused by items that should not be in your credit reports, credit repair may be the way to improve your credit score and get approved for the credit you have unfairly been denied.

Legal Credit Repair

You have a right to accurate credit reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and others give you the tools to realize your credit rights.

It is your right to defend yourself against these accusations. It is your right to challenge the negative items in your credit reports and force the credit bureaus to prove they are correct.

It is your right to challenge the negative items in your credit reports and force the credit bureaus to prove they are correct.

Credit Repair Works

Thousands of Americans are moving into new homes, driving new cars, and getting approved for loans because they improved their credit scores using credit repair.

The claim that the only thing you can do to improve your credit is to a) bide your time, b) pay your bills, c) and manage your lines of credit, makes no sense. What happens when there is information on your credit reports that shouldn't be there? Is it really fair to say that even though you don't deserve bad credit, you are stuck with it for seven to ten years?

Fortunately, these credit repair cynics are mistaken. Credit repair does work, and millions of negative items have been legitimately removed from credit reports as a result of credit repair.

Credit Repair Experts

Using Maddock Credit Group for credit repair is far easier than repairing your credit reports on your own. We'll do the work so you can focus on other things.

By their logic, you could also tune up your car, build your own computer, calculate your own taxes, or cut your own hair. The law gives you the right to do so. But most of the time you have a professional do these things for you because it is usually faster, cheaper, easier, and produces better results.

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Maddock Credit Solutions is proud to be part of the Identity IQ family. Identity IQ will protect your personal data. Their team utilizes innovative and enhanced monitoring techniques that protect your credit and your identity, so you can get back to your life.

We would encourage anyone who has used our services or another other credit repair service, to closely look into these services that could save you and your loved ones a lot of trouble and grief should you find yourself a victim of identity theft. Please visit their website and be sure to give us a call if you have any questions. You may sign up for the service by using the link below.

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